Uspešne zgodbe programa Erasmus za mlade podjetnike tudi v času pandemije covid 19

Naša mlada podjetnica Katarina Čuk, je svojo izmenjavo preko programa Erasmus za mlade podjetnike na Hrvaškem pričela januarja letos. S podjetnico gostiteljico sta sodelovali na področju marketinških strategij in storitev za stranke v okviru naravnega zdravljenja in terapij. Kako je njuna izmenjava potekala pred, med in po zaprtju mej zaradi koronavirusa, si lahko preberete v spodnjih vrsticah.

I started my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience at the start of what was supposed to be an amazing year. I was happy I found a host in my neighbouring country, Croatia, that was well established in the market of promoting natural ways for health and wellbeing, because nature and what we can gain from relationship with it is my primary passion and what my activities are all about.

I wanted to work primarily on my marketing vision and strategy and my HE Ksenija from NilaMedia was of big support here. I was happy to participate in quite some meetings where they developed and implemented their strategy in the field and it has helped me enormously when preparing mine. Approximately two months into the project the Covid-19 situation hit our region and the borders between Slovenia and Croatia were closed. Challenged at first, fortunately, we managed to continue collaborating online. We used the time for content building for both my HE and me, all with the marketing concepts in mind and new skills that I gained. The two months proved to be fruitful and what first seemed like a doomed situation was turned into our favour.

When the borders were open again we continued and finished in the last two months basically going on with what we started and slightly re-arranged my strategy of my activities, while I was well prepared for the marketing part. I equipped myself with new practical knowledge of SEO, content building and online marketing, while I supported my amazing HE with content for Kuća zdravlja portal. I wrote articles related to my skills and services of forest bathing, nature related wellbeing etc. and their products of natural health support.

I enjoyed being a part of this program because it offers a great opportunity to benefit from experienced entrepreneurs and their skills while bringing some additional support to them, in exchange of their generosity of passing on the knowledge about operating in the field, how to avoid mistakes and how to go around business in general. It was efficient and some challenges of 2020 were a good learning curve for me.


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